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 OmniTrackPlus 3.0 Has Found

New Ways To Help Training
Professionals Like You.

reclaim time, money, people and energy


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An E-learning Management Solution for 2009.



OmniTrackPlus 3.0 is an easy, fast and cost-effective solution to deliver your training program. With its newest upgrade, the focus is in simplifying IT, streamlining processes and making systems easier for users to deploy and manage. How? By picking the brains of 2 Fortune 500 corporate trainers, listening very closely to customer feedback, interviewing and surveying new prospects, paying close attention to launching initiatives and simplifying everything.


Employee training and development can be time consuming and cost a bundle. At GVT, we believe it doesn't have to. OmniTrackPlus, our elearning management tool - is TURN-KEY... but can be "tailored" to meet your requirements... "RAPIDLY"... saving your time and money in the process. Why should you retro-fit your process(es) into something that really doesn't work for you? Don't Settle.


Instead... get the system you want, when you want it - and don't "break-the-bank" in the process. Check out these solutions and benefits.






The result is an elearning management solution that strengthens the skills and knowledge of your workforce while decreasing your administrative costs, saving you time, and increasing productivity.



Is OmniTrackPlus Right For You?


If you're still running your training program "by hand", forced to play the "reactive" role - with more turn-over, more regulations, decreased sales, more compliance training (where tracking becomes absolutely imperative)... unable to think, unable to move... unable to find the time you need - to start steering your training program in the right direction... please realize this...



Join us on a compelling, Thrilling -
12 month mission!


If you choose to do so... in just 45 days or less, you will begin to see how different your life can be as your training program starts to unfold - in a new, automated and seamless fashion.


In 90 days, you'll begin to see significant improvements in your productivity. You'll actually have a renewed "pep in your step".


In 6 months - if you chose to do so - you will have cut back significantly on the amount of time you spend in a classroom, saving you time, energy, money and resources.


In 12 months - you'll be MORE FOCUSED, MORE ENERGIZED and will be spending more time on whatever you want... "chains" broken - FREEDOM RESTORED!



Give us 90 Days and We’ll Show You How to
Transform You’re Training Program, Forever...


If you’re like me, a risk-free offer is a good thing; especially if the company you’re considering hiring is new to you. Initially, you don’t have any idea whether they can deliver on their promises. So why should you assume all the risk up front? Well, you shouldn’t. Not when it comes to something as important as training and cultivating your biggest investment, your human capital workforce.


Why Are We Doing This?


By now, you're probably wondering... "why would they do this?"


Good Question! But the answer is simple... no "sales ploys", no "tricks or gimmicks"... just our way of giving back and allowing you to try out a training solution that can make a difference for you.


We know it works, BUT... in order to prove it - we want organizations to put their hands on it, grab hold AND TEST-DRIVE IT FOR 90 DAYS WITH NO RISK.





First off, when you move forward with OmniTracKPlus, you get a dedicated team of professionals whose only goal is your success. We want you to benefit from using our software – otherwise we don’t think you should have it.


What Can You Expect
During the First 90 Days??


During the first 90 days, we’re going to do everything to help you establish your training program.


We’ll give you tips to leverage the system in the most effective and productive way. Training & Coaching calls included.
(a $125/hour value - FREE)
We’ll supply you with a series of 10 video tutorials that hold your hand and walk you through each piece of the system. (a $1,995 value - FREE)
And we’re going to be “on call”, readily available to answer your questions.
(a $125/hour value - FREE)


It all comes down to this – no other elearning provider will give you the level of support you’ll get during your first 90 days, no one. This is a big endeavor for you. You should have the experts at your side, doing what they promised to do - to ensure that you succeed.


But it doesn't end there.
We're making a long-term commitment
to your success.


Now is your chance to transform your training department into a PRODUCTIVE, TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT MACHINE. Now is the time to transform yourself from a trainer... to a leader. Let us prove to you that elearning can work for you, risk free.


And as an added Bonus... we'll work with you to create your first one elearning course presentation, FREE OF CHARGE.
(A $2,295.00 value ABSOLUTELY FREE!)


That's a complete e-learning presentation loaded with professional audio narration, custom animations and interactive quiz material to engage your employees through the learning process.


That's over $4,000.00 in product, service and support ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE, when you sign up for 12 months.




If during the 90 days you give yourself an "honest" opportunity to really "USE" the system..., run a program or two through, create a couple of exams, schedule them and allow your employees to access the material... leverage the system as we suggest... and you’re not satisfied, you have every right to ask for your money back - no questions asked.


Again, if you don't see a benefit - it doesn't make sense for you to invest in our solution.


Of course, you won't see all that you need to see and get the results that you expect... unless, and until, you use the system consistently. It's like exercise... unless it's consistent - it does you absolutely no good.


But make no mistake about it - if you do not want to proceed, just say so - and we will refund your investment.



What you'll see at the end of 12 months
will be extraordinary.


  1. You'll have archived results of ALL PROGRESS in real-time,

  2. You'll instantly know how people scored on exams and which questions they got wrong;

  3. You'll be able to perform pre-class & post-class performance evaluations and easily measure the success of your courses and classroom instruction;

  4. You'll have created pre-built curriculums for each job /position ready to be attached to any new hire with a press of a button;

  5. The automatic email "watchdog" system will be in full swing, keeping everyone (managers, supervisors and employees) in the training loop,

  6. Class registrations and feedback surveys will be seamless and automatic;

  7. All training documents (Word, PDF's, videos, audios, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations) will be nicely organized in a secure, permission-based document repository, available for your employees to access... 24X7;

  8. You'll be spending less time standing in front of a classroom;

  9. You'll be engaging your employees on autopilot with interactive course presentations.


I invite you to look over the features and benefits of the system and the hierarchy and permissions for each user. Check out the "frequently asked questions", other options like language translations, custom certification cards and elearning courses and other resources available to you on this site. And by all means, sign up for our Special Report (top left corner of the web page) - the report will truly help you understand the many benefits of elearning what to look for and how to prepare.


And then make the decision to call us so that we can "brainstorm" the possibilities that will offer you the greatest benefits, for your particular situation.. Fair enough?



The phone call and consultation are free. But, make no mistake about it - doing nothing, may cost you thousands.


Whatever you choose to do... I wish you all the success you deserve!






George Ritacco
Executive Director, Client Services


P.S. Remember, you have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING to gain by "wrapping your hands around this system" and riding it for all it's worth during those first 90 days.


And again, if for whatever reason, OmniTrackPlus doesn't save you time, keep your training organized AND automatically schedule, deliver & score your training progress on auto-pilot... AND you don't see any improvement in productivity, your people are "engaged" more, and your management team isn't "plugged-in", looking at you as the new "Training Guru" - you have every right to ask for your money back, no questions asked.




OR CALL US TODAY: 877-791-4367 ext 85