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"Automated Engagement..."

Where Your Employees Learn Faster
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Is there a "system" for training that you can follow that can bring you consistent results every time? What if you could realize "dramatically" improved results - both in your trainees and your own productivity (how might this impact your performance)?


The Problem with Traditional Engagement...

Historically, classroom training has been one of the best ways to disseminate material to a large group and through "role-playing" - observe and assess their abilities.


ILT (instructor-led training) works. However, for most people - the excitement, the motiviation feeling, the major ah-hah moments, big ideas and renewed "pep in the step" all tend to "wane" in time (usually within a week).


Why? Once back at our desks... we typically have our own way of operating, we typically have "bad" work habits and behaviors and we become victims of our environments and distractions.


When we're in a training class, there are no outside influences or distractions. We are focused on learning. When we go back to our jobs - our "worlds" take over.


This happens for classes, seminars and workshops alike.


What's missing? Simply put, a consistent system for followup and reinforcement that continuously engages and teaches your employees in an ongoing fashion... to remind them, motivate them and reinforce your information and hopefully compel them to use your material more frequently - whether it be to instantly recall your product knowledge or remember the steps to following a new procedure or policy for mandatory regulatory and compliance training.


Consistency of Action...

Automated Engagement describes a process where you set up a program "launch", deliver your training material and then institute a schedule of reinforcement by delivering more training material (related to your launch and message)... consistently and sequentially on a set timeline.


The essence of OmniTrackPlus is Automated Engagement. With OTP, you build your ongoing training material using easy-to-use multimedia content authoring tools and schedule them to be delivered to your employees on a set timeline.


With OTP's Activity Scheduler, you can schedule these courses and "reinforcers" to be delivered on your custom timeline (every week, every two weeks, once per month, etc.,). They play as interactive flash video presentations and engage your employees in a much more enticing fashion. Employees are automatically "engaged" with no effort on your part. Training becomes fun for you and them.


Set it and Forget it...
And here's the good news. Once you set up your training "track" - all you need to do is sit back and watch the results:


Courses are scheduled by "groups"

New Hires get scheduled "automatically"

Emails go out to employees notifying them up to 3 times per course item

Emails go out to managers upon failure or delinquent training items

All reports are compiled in real-time

All tracking is automated



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