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"Automated Tracking..."

Scheduling, Delivering, Scoring and Tracking Your Training Progress - On AUTO-PILOT.

Remove those "time-consuming"
tasks from your job.

Roll-out your program just once,
and the system takes care of the rest!


Are you managing your time effectively? On the surface this probably sounds like a crazy question... but do you really know?


The Ultimate Training Assistant.


Well... here’s the scary part. Before we rolled out OTP, we knew we had developed a system that included different modules to help a trainer be more effective.


But there was something we didn't realize... until well after the launch.


By combining these different "time-saving" modules under "one roof", and allowing them to work in unison... in our hands was a training solution that, when used properly, would remove over 80% of all administration.


What does this mean for you?


It basically means that 4 out of every 5 tasks are done automatically for you - allowing you to take your training process to an entirely new level!


It could mean the difference between hiring more assistants... or not.

It could mean the difference between falling behind in your work... or not.


It could mean the difference between spending a ton of money on facility rental and travel expenses for classroom instruction... or not.


It could mean the difference between

working 10-12 hour days,

nights and possibly weekends... or not.


What if you could accomplish more in 6 hours tomorrow, than you could accomplish in 10 hours today? What if you could cut one or two hours off your normal work day ( and didn't have to tell anyone about it... :-)


What would you do with that extra time???


Would you look fo new exciting ways to expand upon your training program? Would you schedule more "intimate" one on one coaching or mentoring sessions with your employees? Would you leave early to go golfing, fishing, go to the SPA, take a 3 day-weekend vacation or spend more quality time with your family?


If the answer to any of these questions is YES, there's only one way to do it.


Let us show you how to leverage an elearning management solution to handle up to 87.77% of the time-consuming "burdens" of training such as: scheduling assignments for each employee, grading exams and essays by hand, monitoring class time using Excel spreadsheets, sending out emails to remind your employees of training deadlines, creating reports for your management team so they are in the loop....


OTP's Automated Tracking System - allows you to put your training program on auto-pilot. Just set up your material and schedule it just once - and the system handles the rest.


You just sit back and watch results. And the best part is - you could be working 6 hour days from here on out!



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