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What is Blended Learning?

It actually has a few different meanings. It can mean using different teaching methods or blended course learning. It can also refer to a blended approach to learning using the four modalities of learning (auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactual).


But there are other approaches to blended learning that are not classroom-centered, meaning - it doesn't all have to occur in a classroom.


Our approach to "blended learning" or our blended learning solution model refers to a careful mix of ILT (instructor-led training) and lost distance / web-based elearning, using an elearning management solution.


Four years ago the future didn't look promising for elearning.


Today, the story is much, much different. More and more organizations have embraced he technology with open arms because elearning has brought in some huge benefits. See More at the Cruise Control Training Blog...


Ultimate Leverage.


You can use elearning to assess employee knowledge prior to attending a class - then you can build your classes from what you derive from your pre-class assessments. You can do the same to evaluate your classes by issuing post-class assessments.


If you train people who are located in diverse areas and regions - elearning is a very practical and cost-effective solution to flying them into a class.


But better still, you can build a repetition and frequency program with an automated engagement schedule to deliver your ongiong and reinforcement training leading up to your class event OR as a follow up to your live class event.


ILT training will always be needed. It encourages comraderie and it's the only way to ensure role playing observations, etc., but the most efficient way to deliver ongoing training is through an elearning management solution.


The Ultimate "Virtual" Training Assistant.

Those who leverage an effective elearning management solution over those that do not have a distinct advantage for managing time and human capital.


Not all technology is good. But when you can receive maximum leverage from a piece of software - that not only saves you time and money - but helps create profit... that's a very good thing.



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