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Track Goals and Performance With Ease...,

via an Electronic Employee
Appraisal System.

Create 6 or 12 month goal plans... and rate progress as often as needed in a simple point and click monitoring system.

Track statistics in real-time... you'll have instant access to things like: % time in plan, goals/ items completed.

Set business goals & personal goals... the employee appraisal card is totally customizable. You create your own goals, hurdles, criteria to assess.

Create a customized "ratings" scale...

Document case notes, observations, general comments

Share and collaborate with HR, directors and managers... the scorecard is completely web-based, so it's easy to set up a permissions list and share your ongoing employee appraisal system with your team for a collaborative evaluation.

Multiple signature / sign off option... customize your score card to require multiple levels of sign off. Easily satisfy Compliance * Regulatory * Audit with full electronic signature capturing and time-stamp.



Based on your criteria, the online "scorecards" can be customized to feature your benchmarks or "hurdles" for easy, online appraisals.


The scorecard dashboard contains a search engine for sorting certain performance "tracks" or phases.


Your scorecards are customized with your own performance criteria and objectives for easy, online tracking. These work ideal where a manager needs to "assess" different operational abilities and rate each one based on performance.


  1. The dashboard features
  2. monitoring tools such as:
  3. time in level %
  4. items completed satisfactory %
  5. rating (1-10), based on performance
  6. check box for completed assignments
  7. date completed field
  8. comment field


Deliver Your Training Based on Performance Results

E-learning is the ability to deliver and track electronic training material and also track performance objectives and personal growth goals.


And the ability to set, modify and tie an employee's training program directly to your ongoing performance review process, gives you something that is often sought, but not always acheived - to know that your training is actually working.

With renewed flexibility... now you can actually deliver the right training to an individual based on observed job performance results... on the fly.

Your employee's overall performance "grade can help to influence and strengthen decision making for promotions and salary increases.


The Complete Package.


From the proper management of expense reports to specific goal monitoring, OmniTrackPlus' online performance appraisal management and certification tool is ideal for those organizations who want to track not only individual training assignments and tests, but performance goals as well for a complete package.


** The OTP Certification Tool is a customized add-on.


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