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"How Difficult and Expensive Is It
(RIGHT NOW) To Make A Change in Your Present Course Material & Program?

(No Matter How Small the Change???)


With OTP, It's Easy to Update and Make Changes to Your Courses, Without the Added Headache of Delays and Additional Cost!


Here's the simple truth...


You will eliminate additional costs for simple changes to your course material. Because the tools are so easy to use and you maintain total control over your course material - any changes and updates are made locally to your original files (kept on your computer) and all updates and changes are published up to your system in minutes.


Need to make a change to an exam? Simply login to the system, go to the EXAM Administrator Menu, pull up the exam and make the change.


Need to make a change to an e-learning course? Just pull up the original PowerPoint, change the slide(s), re-save it and re-publish it.


Updating survey's, classes or making a change to any existing document or audio fileNo additional cost, no additional headaches and no one waits - your material can be updated and re-published in minutes without delays to your schedule or program!



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