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distance learningYou may be wondering what to expect from a web-based class.


A distance learning program that features online classes isn't really all that different from a traditional instructor led class setting. Employees have an instructor and fellow classmates or peers, and will interact with them during the semester - but they can do it over long distances, over the web... hence distant learning.


They'll have homework and participate in activities. In some ways, the experience will seem very familiar. Classroom training will still occur, however - but only when needed... focused on evaluation, role-playing, interaction and collaboration.


When courses are based on knowledge transfer only, however - then it makes all the sense in the world to include a "distance learning" program


Still, online classes are different from regular classes in some important ways.


People don't have to drive to a training center, disrupt your day or fight traffic or fly in from out of state... because you won't be "physically" meeting in a classroom at a pre-determined time and place.


Communication with the instructor and other students will take place online, not in person. Without an instructor reminding you what is due in class each week, you'll have more responsibility for your own learning. However, there is typically an email tool or system that will tie notifications to each activity - so you get reminded and are kept up to date with progress.


Everyone needs basic computing skills and convenient access to the Internet.


The skills people need most to be a successful online learner are the same ones you use in any class: preparation, organization and self-discipline. However, because you're not traveling to a class or event - it's much easier to procrastinate with your distance learning schedule.


Because the material in an distance learning course is delivered via a secure web - it's always available, its safe and allows employees and students to flexibility of training on their own time, according to their own schedules - provided they adhere to your deadlines.


Distance learning can be a mechanism for an immediate improvement in training productivity for some... and a hidden goldmine for others.



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