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"Do You Create Courses and
Own an Ecommerce Store?


Incorporate a shopping cart into The Omnitrackplus system And open up your online seminar academy!




If you presently have a training business and create training & deliver or sell your programs via seminars, DVD training packages or through other methods... leverage our ecommerce module so that you can start selling your electronic courses and classes via the Internet.


But there's something else. The problem with most DVD/VHS and manual based course "packages"... is that there is no way for you to really TRACK your client's progress and interact with them.


Your course material and programs are costly to re-produce, their bulky, and they can be copied and redistributed... and there's really no way for you to know if they ever complete the course!


The advantages to using OTP is that when someone buys, they get access to your training system and the courses they've purchased the same day. And the courses are now interactive, FLASH-BASED using audio and video, and they're LOCKED DOWN - with no way for your client to copy and redistribute them.


Additionally... there is no waiting-time for your material to be mailed and there's virtually no cost to create the material or reproduce the CD's, DVD's, manuals, etc,. Equally as important - there is no cost for shipping.


And, having your material created and stored AND THEN scheduled and delivered via OmniTrackPlus - is a great way to see how each person progresses through your courses.


When someone purchases a course through your shopping cart, they can automatically be scheduled and registered to receive their login information via our automated email and schedule system... and start training immediately.


If they register for a class or seminar - you now have a place to store that information, side-by-side with any course information.


That information will allow you in turn to pull out class registration lists, mark students as "attended" and add any feedback comments to their records. These comments can be your mechanism to solicit more ongoing training modules for them to purchase.


Once they've completed your courses and/or classes, you can elect to send them a completion certificate with their name, the course and the completion date automatically filled in.


The end-result is now you have a method to track completion of your courses. You can send them out a feedback survey (automatically through the system) asking how they liked the course and what specifically they would look for in continuing education.


With OmniTrackPlus, you have a perfect mechanism to find out "what's missing" from your program and then create and deliver more "back-end" courses to "build-upon" the education each person has received.


It's a great, all-around solution to tighten up and truly understand how your training programs are impacting your students and clients.


If a corporation purchases seats with you - you now have a streamlined way to deliver tangible results to your client on their employees progress and scores.



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