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Listed below are the many different applications of our elearning management solution. Depending on your area of expertise, you can leverage OmniTrackPlus' ability to be the ultimate content delivery system for your content.

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elearning management solutions


OTP can help you with many
different training needs, such as:

Diversity Training

Compliance Training

Management Training


Pharma Rep Sales


Mortgage Training


Real Estate Training


Software Training


OSHA Training


Sexual Harrasment Training

Technical Training


Title VII Training


Demonstration Training


Law Enforcement


Physician Speaker Bureau


Fireman and First Aid


Regulatory Training


Certification Training


Presentation Training


Sales Training


Customer Service Training


Case Worker Training


Driver Training


Safety Training


Case Management Training


Project Management Training


Change Management Training


Non-Profit Training



Speaker Training


Product Training


Healthcare Training


Vendor Training


Supplier Training


Benefits Training




And virtually any training that requires a web-based system (flexible and accessible 24 X 7), content delivery and hand's on instruction.


What Type of Mandatory Training Do You Deliver?

Do you have a need to automate your training content so that it is delivered for you consistently and effortlessly and have all of the tracking and progress results ready for you at your fingertips... when you need it in real-time? Are you "under the gun" to train your people on new regulatory issues or critical policy changes and are mandated to have an audited process of completion and certification with automated tracking to prove that you're people have been trained properly and on-time?


Could You Incorporate Web-Based,"Hands-On" Video Demonstration and Instruction Into Your Training Program?

If you deliver training that requires physical demonstration of your service or product, special techniques and procedures, or safety adherence policies - using video demonstrations are easy, engaging and effective.


With your system, you can track adherence and deliver your training with a blended learning approach.


First - having a "video recording" of your presentation allows you to reach the masses much quicker than if you had to repeat your training over and over again for live audiences. With OTP you can record your video, compile your presenation and have it available for current and all new hires right away. The beauty is that you're not directly "tied" to your future and ongoing training sessions. This process frees you up to repeat the process of recording new events and building your "demonstration course" library. And putting these presentations together is as easy as working in Microsoft PowerPoint, except - the end-result is much more exciting, interactive and engaging.


If you have content - there isn't a better, more accurate, streamlined and proven way to deliver it than through our elearning management solution, OmniTrackPlus.


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