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Features & Benefits List

View the different elements of the training "hierarchy" structure.

 Software Specifications:

  1. Completely Web-based, nothing to install.
  2. Highest Security on the net.
  3. SQL Server Database
  4. .Net Custom Platform
  5. SCORM 1.2 Compliant Award Winning Courseware
  6. You'll need IE 6.0 or higher


OmniTrackPlus incorporates everything you need:


Your own "branded" look - import your own custom branded graphic and logo. Get your own URL, e.g.,


Simple course/content building - You have the power and versatility of a complete document repository system.


With a few mouse clicks, you can upload MS Word documents, PowerPoint® Files, PDF files, Flash Animations, etc. and create easy to access training and development content. The entire course folder system is "permission" controlled. You decide who see's what.. and when.



Rapid E-Learning Course Authoring Tools - Create powerful, engaging and interactive course presentations that will "wow" your trainees. Utilize PowerPoint to create presentations with Voice-over, to deliver FLASH movies that interact with and engage your trainees for stronger and more rapid knowledge retention. Add video streaming to your presentation to balance out your instructor-led classroom time with 'long-distance' learning modules. Read why Flash Presentations are a fantasic way to deliver your elearning modules.




Custom Course Authoring - Of course if you don't want to create your own elearning courses, we can help. We offer 3 different levels of custom course authoring with professional voice-over. View more information on custom course authoring here.


Test Builder — Simple point and click creation of exams, surveys and quizzes. The test-builder interface is simple to use and test questions can be created in multiple formats including multiple choice, true and false, fill in the blank and essay questions.


You can also upload pictures or graphics to further define and/or accompany test questions. Images are automatically resized and optimized for Internet viewing


Each image is automatically created as a "hyperlink." When an employee clicks the image, a larger format image is pulled up at higher resolution - perfect for technical or pharmaceutical type training.



Test Pooling and Randomization - Create a 'master' exam pool and select the number of questions to appear for the exam. Each time that exam is accessed by an employee, the system randomizes it's selection of featured questions from the master exam pool, making each exam different and each answer key unique! The randomization feature can be easily turned on and off at your discretion.


Exam, Quiz or Survey taking — employees can take exams at any time, and are instantly provided with their scores.




Full Automation - Once a test or course is set up, the system will automatically schedule, deliver, score and track all progress on auto-pilot.. An automatic email notification "watchdog" systems notifies specified personnel of all progress and delinquency in real time.


Simple set-up of trainees — Easily schedule exams or quizzes for employees




Certification / Performance Appraisal - incorporate your internal assessment "score cards". Full tracking of "time in level" and all completed benchmarks and goals. Able to track date accomplished, comments and rating. Continue here for more on the electronic appraisal system.


Comprehensive, Easy To Use Tracking — Quickly see exactly where employees are with training or development activities. All test results are copied into a secure real-time, digital grade book for individual employee development tracking.



Powerful Survey System to create and deliver insightful survey tools in just a few minutes. Our survey tools automatically create real-time statistics on survey results as employees respond! Real-time statistics turns data into information instantly. Quickly see key information for any survey. Key info includes:

-Number of respondents
-Number of respondents for each question
-Percentage of responses for each answer to each question
-With just a click, review individual responses for a survey
-Ideal to obtain feedback on:
-Company meetings
-Product launches
-Corporate environment assessments
-Product knowledge
-Suggestions to improve company/culture
-And more!


A great morale booster and mechanism to keep communication open.
Survey information can be used for company newsletters and other key communications.


Classroom Setup, Registration and Tracking makes keeping track of your instructor-led classroom time, a breeze. You can opt to have your employees self-register for classes or you can easily register them yourself


Each classroom can have the option to track location of class, class material (computer, projector, instructor), set the max number of attendees allowed for registration.


When the classes are over - you have full reign to mark them passed/failed and add any comments you'd like to remark about their performance. All of this information is archived for reporting later.


Each class is backed up with an electronic "feedback" survey that goes out to individuals who have passed the class.



Multiple Levels of Hierarchy - Designed for each team member
OmniTrackPlus provides Administrators, Managers, and Employees their own unique view.Get full support and "buy-in" from your team. Read more about the benefits specific to Administrators, Trainers, Managers and Employees.


Language Translation Services - If you have a need to have text translated or your elearning courses translated into multiple languages - we offer translation services in over 80 different languages.


Custome Elearning Modules and Courses - If you don't want to create or author your own elearning courses, we offer a full service to either create new courses or convert existing courses for you.




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