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The Training Budget.

Will e-learning hurt or help yourS??


If you want to improve your training process, doesn't it make sense to look at all the options?


Isn't it practical to take a hard look at your budget - FIRST to identify what your training process is costing you now (and what you're getting out of it ) and SECOND to see if an investment in elearning management is worth pursuing?


questions Only You Can Answer....


When people travel to your classes... you probably have a good idea of what it's costing you (tolls, parking, travel, food?)... but what is the intangible cost of them not being on the job, at their post?


If you have a sales force, how much are they losing per day when they're in class and not “selling"... not to mention the expense of air travel, mileage reimbursement, hotel stays, car rental, facility rental and meals.


Do you have vendors, suppliers and other outside entities who would benefit from some training, but up until now couldn't, because you didn't have a cost-effective way to deliver your training to them?


I want to make sure you understand all of the possibilities and opportunites that await you when you implement elearning into your life.





Some will say that "elearning is too expensive"... but there's irony in all of this.


Most never take the time to see what they're spending now and if their present investment is really paying off.


If it isn't - wouldn't it make sense to at least consider the elearning option? In this day and age, the question you should be asking yourself isn't... "How Can I Afford Elearning?"


The question really is... "How Can I Not"?


Discover 10 Ways to Improve Your Training Budget.

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