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The Best Way to Deliver Training
To Your New Employee Hires!



The New Hire Dilemna

The problem with most training programs is that they don't allow a streamlined and effective way to train new hires.


Because of the demands on budget and time, classes can't be run "ad-hoc" so the tendency is to make the new hires "wait" for the next class to fulfill certain training requirements. Obviously, everyone loses in this scenario because time to competency and time to market are affected and impaired.


Imagine a new employee is hired at your company today. By pushing one button – they can have a training curriculum automatically created, given access to courses presentations and quizzes and pre-registered for any upcoming classes... instantly and seamlessly. You do nothing.


And the beauty is - there are no new "bodies" to hire, no assistants to train - not at all.


And this process is the same for one "new hire" or "20"!


And, oh yes, let's not forget that you don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a training tool like this at your disposal.

The Long-Distance & Diverse Workforce Dilemna

Here's the other thing - if your organization is one that has employees located in different cities and different pilot and satellite offices... getting them all together for a training session is expensive.



With the right training solution - you can deliver a careful balance of instructor-led (ILT) training and long distance training or e-learning. A blended learning or training approach is really the best way to go.


And with the right tools to systematically engage them for pre-assessments, post-feedback assessments, and reinforcement... you will save time, resources and money and reiterate how important training is to your organization.


From the start - your workforce can be installed with the right training culture and attitude. By allowing them the flexibility of training on their own schedules... their attitudes towards training will improve. When you demonstrate that their needs are important to you and your organization - people will respect your program more.


As the administrator - you're not "trapped". You can have a careful balance of classroom instruction and long-distance "online learning" and add more flexibility to your training program... whatever you want to do, because for the first time... "you'll be in the driver's seat."


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